QTiles Tools

QTiles Tools is a new simple plug-in for QGIS to make it easier to use online base map data when you are not connected to the internet. The QGIS QTiles plugin will make a local tile cache folder for us but it doesn't create a configuration file for the TileLayer plug-in. QTiles Tools contains a simple to use tool to create this configuration file.

The Android GeoODK Collect application uses the mbTiles format for providing an offline base map when collecting field data. Unfortunately the GeoODK Collect application doesn't work with mbTiles database created by QTiles directly. The QTiles Tools contains a simple to use tool to modify the QTiles mbTiles databases so that they can be used with GeoODK Collect.

The plug-in can be found on the Apropos QGIS Plug-in Repository. Add the following URL to your repository, refresh and you can install.