Data Management

All organizations and projects have information at their core. Whatever the focus is, be it Traditional Land Use, Environmental Monitoring, Wildlife Research or Infrastructure knowing what you have, what it means and where it came from is essential for success.

Effective data management is key to getting the most out of your information. Considerations include:

  • Access and Use Restrictions - Do staff have access to what they need? Are the rules for access and use clear?
  • Appropriate Content - Is the information currently being recorded suitable and useful?
  • Data Collection Process - Are the collection methods effective and are checks and balances in place to identify incorrect information in a reasonable time frame?
  • Data Currency - How is the data kept up-to-date and how is currency tracked?
  • Data Documentation - What documents exist explaining how the data is gathered, managed and organized?
  • Data Organization - Is the information organized in a way that supports both effective collection and use?
  • Data Security - Is information properly backed up and are there methods in place to protect against accidental editing or deletion?

Our team has experience setting up data management strategies with non-governmental organizations, coordinating amongst organizations at a provincial and national scale on community and volunteer driven data collection projects and working with a variety of professional scientific organizations of various sizes. What we have found in all these cases is that most data management practices had developed without much planning and that improvements needed to be incremental in order to succeed.

We can assist clients with their data management in three ways:

  1. Advice - We are interested in working with smaller organizations to review their existing data management practices and work with them over time to improve existing systems and to carefully plan new initiatives from the start.
  2. Software as a Service - For indigenous communities we provide the LOUIS Toolkit which has tools for the collection, management and use of Traditional Knowledge information.
  3. Data Sharing Solutions - For organizations looking to share their information we have experience customizing and deploying the CKAN Open Data platform.

You can contact us for more information using our Contact Page.